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Finance Solutions that match where you are now and into the future:

At TNM Consulting, we take a unique and independent approach to financial strategy, setting us apart from traditional finance brokers.
Our primary focus is on aligning our clients with the right financier, tailored to their specific business needs.

Whether it’s a major lender or a niche financial institution, our expertise lies in finding the perfect match for your financing requirements.

Your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of property, business and personal finance strategy.

  • Property Funding
  • Residential, Commercial or Industrial
  • Business Funding
  • Government Grants
  • Expansion Funding Solutions
  • Investment Funding
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Tax Minimisation
Finance solutions for Business & Personal goals - TNM Consulting

Property Funding Solutions:

Property funding is a critical component of our financial strategy services at TNM Consulting.

Our approach is comprehensive, catering to a wide range of property investment needs, ensuring that each client finds the most suitable financing solution for their specific situation.
For Residential Property investments, our focus is on securing funding that aligns with both short-term and long-term investment goals. Whether our clients are first-time investors in residential property or seasoned players in the market, we provide tailored solutions that range from straightforward home loans to more complex investment structures.

Commercial Property funding requires a different approach, given its unique challenges and opportunities. We assist our clients in securing loans for purchasing, developing, or refinancing commercial properties. Our team has extensive experience in dealing with various types of commercial properties, including office spaces, retail units, and industrial complexes. We understand the importance of cash flow and rental yields in commercial property investments and work to secure funding that enhances these aspects.

Industrial Property funding is another area we specialize in. This sector often requires a deep understanding of the industrial market and the specific needs of such properties. Whether it’s for acquisition, development, or expansion of industrial facilities, we ensure that our clients receive funding that not only meets their immediate requirements but also supports their long-term investment strategy.

For clients involved in Property Development, our services are particularly valuable. Property development projects require significant capital and a strategic approach to funding. We assist in securing development loans that cover land acquisition, construction costs, and other related expenses. Our team conducts thorough due diligence, assessing the viability of the project and ensuring that the funding aligns with the projected outcomes.

In addition to securing new funding, we also specialize in debt restructuring for existing property investments. This service is crucial for clients looking to improve their loan terms, reduce interest rates, or alter their repayment structure. Our approach to debt restructuring considers the current market conditions and the specific financial situation of the client, aiming to enhance the profitability and sustainability of their property investments.

Business Funding Solutions:

At TNM Consulting, our commitment extends beyond just securing funds for your business.

We are dedicated to understanding your business’s unique challenges and opportunities, ensuring that the financial strategies we recommend are perfectly aligned with your business goals.
Expert Accounting for your Business - TNM Consulting Melbourne
We delve into a wide array of funding options to cater to various business scenarios. This includes balance sheet funding, which is crucial for businesses looking to strengthen their financial statements. For businesses in growth mode, we provide expansion funding solutions that support their scaling ambitions. Additionally, debtor funding plays a significant role for companies needing to manage their cash flow effectively.

In every financial strategy we devise, tax efficiency is a paramount consideration. We believe that a good finance strategy is not only about securing funds but also about ensuring these funds work efficiently within your tax framework. This approach helps in maximising the benefits of your loans and minimising the tax impact on your business.

A well-thought-out finance strategy is also a form of capital protection. By carefully selecting the right type of funding and structuring it effectively, we safeguard your capital from undue risks. This protection is crucial for the longevity and stability of your business, ensuring that your capital is not only preserved but also has the potential to grow.

Finance Solutions for your Life Goals:

At TNM Consulting, we understand that personal finance is more than just numbers; it’s about your life, your goals, and your future.

Our approach is centred on understanding and addressing the unique financial circumstances of each individual, ensuring a personalised strategy that aligns with their business and life goals.
Specialising in catering to the unique financial needs of high-income earners who are focused on growing and managing their wealth. Our approach is tailored to those who are already on a strong financial footing and are looking to maximise their wealth potential.

With services designed to not only facilitate wealth growth but also to manage and preserve it effectively. We understand the complexities and opportunities that come with significant financial resources and are committed to providing bespoke funding solutions and wealth management strategies that reflect your aspirations and lifestyle.

Our expertise lies in identifying and securing funding that aligns with high-return opportunities, tailored to your risk profile and investment goals.

Put a plan in place to achieve your financial goals today.

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