TNM Consulting Taxation Specialists

Australia has a taxation regime that is as comprehensive and complicated as any in the world. Consequently, the choice of taxation consultants is a critical business decision. It should be influenced by factors including technical knowledge, accessibility to key individuals, and a commitment to the provision of practical advice that is technically correct and timely. TNM Consulting has built a strong reputation for providing such a service.

Our tax services include advice on income tax, capital gains tax (CGT), Goods and Services Tax, the structuring of entities, employment taxes (including payroll tax, superannuation and work cover) and ensuring clients properly manage their taxation responsibilities.

TNM Consulting can also assist with a review of other indirect taxes such as land tax and stamp duty to ensure that organisations manage their tax liabilities and minimise exposure.

TNM Consulting Taxation
Tax Planning
TNM Consulting Tax Planning.


We provide written tax planning reports that advise on tax minimisation strategies. Through careful planning we aim to minimuse your taxation expense.

TNM Consulting Tax Plan
TNM Consulting Property

Property is a key specialisation of TNM Consulting. We have extensive experience in the property industry, working with owners, developers, investors, builders, valuers, agents and finance providers. Our experience covers all segments of the industry including residential, commercial, industrial and retail.

Promoting the creation of wealth and the minimization of tax through effective investment strategies has resulted in the extraordinary success of many of our client’s.



TNM Consulting Property
Due Dilligence
TNM Consulting Due Dilligence

We at TNM Consulting can do the home work for you, utilising a documented, well researched and proven due diligence process to minimise any risk.

Over the years we have prevented many clients from acquiring businesses because our unique and in-house designed checklists have detected serious flaws in what at first glance appeared to be a fantastic opportunity.

Should the decision be made to invest in the business then TNM Consulting will further assist you in respect to obtaining finance, asset protection, establishment of most appropriate operating structure, development of management reporting and arranging for necessary insurances.


TNM Consulting Due Dilligence Services


Superannuation self managed

We see superannuation as a dynamic and strategic part of retirement planning. Our goal is to assist you in maximising your returns and minimising your tax in order to ensure a more comfortable retirement.

"We are able to enjoy our retirement to a far greater level knowing that the strategy TNM Consulting had implement allows us financial freedom."
Steve and Tasia Manos



TNM Consulting Superannuation
Asset Protection
TNM Consulting Asset Protection

Protecting your hard earned wealth is a priority with all business and investment strategies. TNM Consulting is an industry leader in this field. We leave no stone unturned in our aim to protect you.




TNM Consulting Asset Protection Services
TNM Consulting Finance Services


TNM Consulting has formed alliances with all four major banks and numerous lending institutes to guarantee the best products and lowest interest rates for our clients.

We are pioneers in the area of ‘finance strategy’. We carefully plan our clients’ finance options and ensure that we use every avenue that the law allows in order to reduce finance costs to you.



TNM Services Finance


TNM Consulting Estate PLanning Wills


We often find that individuals and business owners do not have adequate and up to date wills to cover their current personal or ultimate beneficiary’s circumstances.

Our wills not only consider the best interest of your loved ones but also the tax implications of assets owned in family trusts, superannuation funds and company’s.

We help you protect your capital for the generations to come




TNM Consulting Estate
TNM Consulting Shareholder Partnership Agreements


Any business Partnership or Joint Venture needs to be well documented to ensure that all parties understand the purpose of uniting forces.

Good planning allows business partners to resolve disputes before they occur.




TNM Consulting


TNM Consulting Sucession Planning


A succession plan can help you outline what will happen and who will take over your business when you are ready to leave.

Tnm Consulting can work with you in ensuring your business is presented in a manner that will attract maximum value, substantial interest and suitable candidates.




TNM Consulting Sucession Planning Services
Management Reporting


The ability to review performance reports that are accurate, timely and appropriate is paramount to the success of any business proprietor.

Accurate management reports enable you as the business owner to cater for growth more efficiently, predict your cash flow requirements, plan for tax minimisation, and enhance your internal control.

Our management reporting provides excellent 'budget versus actual' monitoring tools to assist you in achieving your predefined business goals.





TNM Consulting Management Reporting

Financial Planning


Our financial service business can provide a path to retirement funding and wealth creation. Investment planning, superannuation, retirement planning, asset protection and finance are the key components of this division.

We provide personalized plans that are coordinated and synchronized with our business and tax planning objectives. The benefit to our client’s being an all inclusive approach which best suits their goals.


TNM Consulting Financial Planning




TNM Consulting offers a customised approach to wealth creation.

We have strategies for individuals and businesses who seek to achieve specific financial goals.



TNM Consulting Wealth Creation Strategies


Business Consulting


Making the right business decision requires the exercise of informed commercial judgement based on experience and the right information. Most businesses will need to supplement their existing resources at some time with expert assistance in order to make the most of opportunities.

Understanding your business and making it “our business” is our core strength and the major difference between TNM Consulting and other accounting firms. Your success is our success.


TNM Consulting Services - Consulting


TNM Services Business Development


All businesses need a plan and it is never too late to implement one. A plan must look at the structure of management, key opportunities and the limited resources available.

If you wish to implement greater opportunities in your business we can make arrangements for a specific action plan to get things started.




TNM Consulting Business Planning



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